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The main attraction and what the nights all about are the stunning couples below. By the time these couples hit the dance floor they would have had over 32hrs of dance lessons over 16 gruelling weeks to master their routines. It takes a huge amount of courage to put yourselves out on the stage so let’s give them all a big congratulations.

Adam Barns and Stacey Robinson

My name is Adam Barns and I work for Scan Power Feilding as a Line Mechanic.

My name is Stacey Robinson and I work at the local egg farm in Feilding   Kairanga Eggs I work as an Egg grader.

We have both lived in Feilding community all our lives.

We would like to say thank you to Scan Power and Visique for sponsoring us.

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Alicia Johnson and David Hallet

After moving home from Melbourne 2 years ago, we have had a beautiful little girl Marlee and brought our first home together. Dave is currently building for Noels Building while Alicia has created her feel good fitness business, providing group fitness for women and giving mums the opportunity to improve their Health and Fitness around their children. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn something new, spend quality time together and help support Manchester House and the work they do. A big Thank you to Noel and Ngaire for their sponsorship.

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Antony Minnell and Shelly Ashton

Antony is a local Bank Manager for Westpac. For the last three years he has been based in “Friendly Feilding”.Antony is looking forward to the Dance challenge ahead and stepping outside his comfort zone”. Antony believes that Manchester House is a great supporter of our community and does some fantastic work to help people.

Shelley is in Public Relations and splits her time between Wellington and Feilding. Dancing is a fresh challenge for Shelley who spends her spare time as a professional boxing coach.

Antony and Shelley did not know each other until they got paired up to Dance.

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Bradley and Teresa Shanks

Bradley and Teresa have lived in Feilding for 13 years, moving up from the Southland and the Caitlin’s, and have a 3 year old daughter, Emily.

Bradley is the currently Chief Fire Officer for the Volunteer Brigade here in Feilding and is, also the Deputy Principal Rural Fire Officer. Teresa is the deputy Principal at St. Josephs School, where she has been teaching for the past 7 years. Both love the township and the people of Feilding and are looking forward to being able to give something back to the Community. Both Teresa and Bradley agree that dancing has taken them out of there comfort zone but are looking forward to the challenge. Bradley and Teresa would like to thank the people that are giving up there time to assist in babysitting, Words of Encouragement and support (even the laughter) and especially to their sponsor’s Gary Dyer Painters and Decorators, and the Fire Service.

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Chrissy and Joe

Hi all-Joe and Chris Smith here. We believe in the great work that Manchester House does and decided to put our two (uncoordinated) left feet forward for a good cause.

Joe works locally in the building industry and Chris as a police sergeant at Feilding. Between us we have we have seven adults kids and four grand babies with another due in September.

Although a little apprehensive at first, we are really enjoying our-selves-but Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers we are not!

It’s a pleasure to Dance for Richard Lewis Law, and thank you.

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Janna and Richard

Janah Carthew

An Australian living and working in New Zealand for a New Zealander living and working in Australia. If that’s not confusing enough then Janah works for a creative vision enterprise. If you want to know more she will be the one with the Trophy at the end of the show. Like all good Australians Janah is going to claim the dancing with the Feilding Stars Trophy just like she claims Pavlova and meat pies.


Richard Riwai

Richard danced last year for Dancing with the Stars and has teamed up this year with Janah to help her out with a partner. Richard had never danced until last year and it has certainly given Richard a new out look at dancing. Richard is in his second year as an engineer, he has a beautiful partner Bonny and a beautiful son Brooklyn.  Brooklyn also dancers he is only 8 years old but loved to Jive Cha cha and Walz just like his Dad.

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Jason & Kylie Hickmott

Jason has worked for his Dad’s business (and sponsor) Premier Panel beaters for the last 19 years.  Jase is a big family man and he and Kylie share a huge passion for music.

Kylie is an ex-Navy sailor of 8 years whose only previous dance experience has been at various nightclubs around the world and Aotearoa.

They both love nothing more than to spend quality time with their two boys Charlie & Reuben, whanau and friends, as well as attending music gigs and concerts.

Jason and Kylie would like to thank the organisers, dance teachers and all in attendance, plus the support people of the dancers and organisers for enabling such a wonderful event to take place to raise money for two extremely worthy causes.

Thank you to our sponsors Reads Automotive and Premier Panel Beaters.

They would also like to send a massive shout out to their sponsors Read Autos, (Kylie’s Parents) and Premier Panel Beaters, (Jason’s parents).

to be his mother.

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Josephine Granish and Edward Ovenden

Jo grew up in Feilding, Edward and Jo both attended Feilding High School. Edward works for Beaggs Music Shop in Palmerston North and Jo is a Hair Stylist. We came along to Dancing with the stars last year and were so impressed, we wanted to be involved this year .And here we are ……

We would like to thank our sponsors   Road Link Enterprisers Ltd  and Fresh and Fancy.

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Mel and Dave

Hi I’m Dave Wright I currently live in Palmerston North with my beautiful partner Mel and our two young boys; aged 3 and 9 years, who keep us on us toes.

I’ve always taken an interest in Dancing but have never really followed up on it.

So when I got the call from Mel about this opportunity-I thought here’s my chance to accept the Challenge.

Mel and I both have very busy schedules between work and our Children ’so we usually find there is not enough hours in the day for one on one time.

I see this is being a great experience for us to both to Strengthening our bond and learn how to Dance with Style.

Mel would like to thank Delish Café (Tracey) for sponsoring her and I would like to thank Brett Macdonald’s from Macdonald’s Contracting Ltd for Sponsoring me.

Sponsored by:

Vanessa Knutson-Wood and Jason Wood.

Vanessa is sponsored by Totally Vets Feilding

Jason is sponsored by Wood Farrier Services Limited.

Vanessa-works at Totally Vets in Feilding in customer service. I’m a mum to two children and step mum to two more. In my spare time I’m into western riding and tending to all my animals on our life style block.

Jason is a Canadian born Farrier. Jason owns and runs his own Business. He’s a Dad two to teenage boys, and a fabulous step dad. In his spare time Jason is a avid hunter and a great support to his wife during the Horse Showing Season.

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Wood Farrier Services Ltd

Trudi Rei and Dave Smith

Trudi and Dave both work at Lytton Street School in Feilding Trudi is the Deputy Principal and Dave is a Team Leader. Trudi has three awesome kids, Edan, Toby and Lani. Dave got married at the beginning of the year to his beautiful wife Katie, and has a gorgeous daughter named Edan. Both have minimal experience in Dancing with the Stars, but plenty of experience with Dancing round the Bars!

Trudi is being sponsored by The Secret Garden Child Care and Dave is being sponsored by Lytton Street School.

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